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SIYI DK32 Transmitter


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Advanced SHTT frequency hopping technology

  • SIYI DK32 transmitter UAV remote control receiving system applies the latest upgraded two-way 2.4G spread spectrum technology SHTT (SIYI Hopping Telemetry Technology), so that the effective control distance reaches 10 kilometers (in the open outdoor Measured in a non-interference environment), the remote control and the sky terminal use a unique code pairing, which can significantly improve the anti-interference ability and prevent mutual interference between remote controllers, realizing the stable operation of multiple remote controllers at the same time.

Excellent grip, flexible control

  • Simple and mellow industrial design style, delicate ergonomic design concept, more stickers on the back of the remote control The heart and comfortable frosted silica gel fits the palm in all directions, all of which make you handy when working.

Full-featured 16-channel high-speed response mode

  • Supports all models of fixed wing, helicopter, glider, multi-rotor, car, boat, etc. * 5 ms high-speed response mode.

10 kilometers of ultra-long-distance data transmission, real-time data return

  • In an open outdoor environment, the data transmission distance of SIYI DK32 transmitter can reach up to 10km, which can perfectly meet the needs of users. The demand for line-of-sight flight. Air power, aircraft power, communication signal strength, GPS, etc. Sensor data is monitored in real time and returned for display.

Support Chinese and English switching, vibration prompt and voice broadcast

  • The pure Chinese operating system, voice broadcast, and vibration prompts allow you to focus on the flight experience.

Color highlight LCD touch screen, innovative GUI system

  • SIYI DK32 transmitter remote control is equipped with a color wide viewing angle and high-brightness LCD screen,so that outdoor flying can be clearly seen; system operation. The interface abandons the traditional buttons,and adopts the capacitive touch screen of the mobile terminal level; the remote control interface application is independent. The newly developed GUI system has built-in turntable menu to assist operation, making parameter adjustment convenient and quick. Flexible hardware and software support provides a more friendly user experience for parameter display and touch interaction.

Neutral fine-tuning innovative design

  • SIYI DK32 transmitter uses a neutral fine-tuning design that subverts the traditional modelairplane remote control. In the middle, the user can quickly switch between the neutral fine-tuning and the joystick; the neutral fine-tuning knob adopts the best-feeling. The metal texture material is in line with the overall industrial design style, making the flight experience unparalleled.

Meet the model requirements of a variety of complex models or robots!

  • It can store 64 groups of model data by default, which can be expanded indefinitely if necessary. Powerful programmable mixing control function, and supports a variety of custom linear mixing control andcurve mixing control Adjustable ratio, editing of throttle curve and pitch curve, easy realization of complex control The data copy function is designed to facilitate users to share and exchange remote control settings The trainer function supports the old and the new, with a variety of built-in protection functions, and the trainer can switch control rights with one button
  • The channel mapping function allows free switching between channels, and the loss-of-control protection  function makes the flight safer more secure

Built-in high-performance lithium battery

  • SIYI DK32 transmitter remote control has a built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery, which is safe, reliable and easy to maintain; it supports MicroUSB charging, and the battery life can reach more than  12 hours, making outdoor operations more assured.

SD card data storage expansion

  • DK32 remote control supports SD memory card to extend remote control functions.

PC assistant software, upgrade firmware

  • SIYI DK32 transmitter supports the use of the PC-side assistant program “SIYI Assistant” to adjust parameters and upgrade the firmware, It provides a convenient experience as much as that of the LCD screen of the  fuselage, and enjoys continuous function upgrade services.


SIYI DK32 Transmitter UAV Remote Controller Receiver integrated 10KM(ground to air) DATALINK for Agricultural Spraying drones - Racerfly
SIYI DK32 Transmitter UAV Remote Controller Receiver integrated 10KM(ground to air) DATALINK for Agricultural Spraying drones - Racerfly
SIYI DK32 Transmitter UAV Remote Controller Receiver integrated 10KM(ground to air) DATALINK for Agricultural Spraying drones - Racerfly



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