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     #GPK2 – Kinematic Positioning.

Seagull #GPK2 is a dual-band professional-grade GNSS receiver which can be utilized in various applications where high precision positioning is required. Typical precision that can be achieved with #GPK2 in RTK mode is – 1 centimeter!

The receiver is capable of tracking and decoding the following satellite signals – GPS L1C/A – L2C, GLONASS L1OF – L2OF, GALILEO E1-B/C – E5b, BEIDOU B1I – B2I. #GPK2 modules can operate as ROVER or BASE – in Real-Time Kinematic / Post Processed Kinematic / Moving Baseline modes.

The modules support internal data logging of RAW data for post-processing and in LATITUDE/LONGITUDE/ALTITUDE formats. #GPK2 features an onboard EVENT PIN – which can be used to log precise coordinates based on camera shutter feedback or others.

  • High refresh rate – up to 10Hz MB, 20Hz RTK, 15Hz PPK, 25Hz PVT GNSS
  • Concurrent GNSS constellations supported – 4
  • High position accuracy – up to 1 cm!
  • Internal data logging – RTK / PPK / PVT GNSS
  • Event logging  Such as shutter release
  • Two operational modes – BASE / ROVER
  • Multiple modes – Real-Time Kinematic, Post Processed Kinematic, Moving Baseline
  • Precise UAV Navigation and data logging!
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